Bookmark Verwaltungs Tool

HT (copyright by Reinhard Kopka)

This small tool aids in the administration of large bookmark files in
HMTL/Netscape/Mozilla style. Windows Commandline. (XP)

It has two seperate functions:

1. Eliminate double links
All links which are found more than once are not copied to the single links
outputfile but to the double links outputfile. The second file is just for
control purposes and will usually be abandoned. The links must be exactly
the same. The description is not searched.

2. Find new links in second file
Inputs are a main and an auxiliary bookmark file. The output are all links
of the auxiliary file which are not found in the main file. This output
file can then be concatenated to the main link file.
Usually manual work will be needed to integrate these new links into
the right folders and maintain the correct HTML format for the bookmark
functionality of the browser.

ZIP File


Reinhard Kopka 22.8.2007