Diving light by Michael Monecke

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gesamteLampeThat's the finished work.

Monecke Lampe

The tube is red waste water pipe 3.5mm thick of PVC. Don't use the grey tubing of PE because you can't glue it. The front lense is taken from a hand carried car light (12V, 55 W). I bought it at a car supply store for about €10,-. Its diameter is 110mm and it has a curved lense. I took this light apart and throw away the casing. The lense is glued to the reflector with epoxy glue. The tube ending is cut so that the reflector fits in and glued to it. This assembly is glued with PVC-glue into the "Muffe".

DeckelThe back cap receives a groove for an appropriate O-ring. I used a small grinding disc (4cm diameter) driven by a fixed drilling machine. Press the cap simply into the original "Muffe". That's tight ! The light is driven by a gel lead acid battery 12V 7Ah. Burning time is about one hour. It is charged through two sockets glued in watertight in the back cap. Normally it isn't necessary to open the body, because charging is done with closed cap. Because of this it is necessary to use a regulated charger to avoid gasing.

Monecke Elektrik
The lights are switched by two reed contacts at the backside of the light. That's similar as with your lights. I use two of these lights for filming. The pictures are always well lightened. I haven't found a good solution for the handle yet. I screwed the lights at camera wings at a distance of 80cm. If I really need a handle, I screw in a wood handle at the glued in bolt at the light. That's not very elegant but serves its purpose.
SchalterSwitch with securing bolt.


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