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This homepage is dedicated to homemade diving equipment and accessories. Diese Homepage widmet sich hauptsächlich dem Tauchen, speziell allem, was man selber herstellen kann, um Geld zu sparen. Es gibt auch eine deutschsprachige Version.
  • Simple do it yourself projects.....(19.6.98)
  • Complex do it yourself projects.....(23.1.2000)
  • Single piece lights.........(19.6.98)
  • Lightheads.........(19.6.98)
  • Accumulators.........(19.6.98)
  • Divelight electronics...........(6.2.2000)
  • Suunto Interface (Solution,EON,Vyper,Cobra).............(31.7.2004)
  • Other people's projects..........(28.5.04)
  • Diving light gallery (models I photographed to get some ideas)....(7.1.2001)
  • Mounting Pony tanks.....(2.2.2000)
  • TEC projects.....(7.1.2001)
  • Tips and hints ..............(28.05.04)
  • Rebreather.........(10.5.2000)
  • Wrecks (especially Istrian)..........(7.4.97)
  • By special request a Scooter-page.......(12.12.99)
  • Various (new: Newsletter !!!)..........(3.2.2000)
  • Links.....(12.12.2001)
  • Impressum: Reinhard Kopka, Graz(A)
  • Materials - sources.......(22.2.97)
  • New ideas - just thinking (not available)

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    Anyone having documents, pictures, links or suggestions please mail me ! And because I'm not so familiar with the english language just tell me when I'm wrong. Something about prices: if mentioned the prices are written in ATS (Austrian Schilling) or DM (German Mark). Right now (3.3.98) the exchange rates are:
    This is my new URL http://kopka.at/english.htm 1ATS = 0,142DM = 0,115SFR = 0,079$US = 0,073Euro
    1DM = 7,03ATS = 0,808 SFR = 0,554$US = 0,51Euro
    1$US = 12,7ATS=1,8DM = 0.92Euro
    Our prices include VAT (ATS -20% , DM -15%).

    About my homepage layout: I'm much more interested in content than form. Therefore you won't find frames, running lines or sounds. Some pages may even seem a bit boring regarding design. I don't like watching pages which present lots of features and gimmicks but nearly no information. Here the maximum you will find is a picture with a link :-) Some of the pictures are only scanned with a handyscanner and of not so good quality.

    Warning: I can't guarantee, that any of the items described here will work correctly. So if you build something or use ideas, you have to be aware that it could explode or leave you on your own in the worst moment :-) Another thing: I don't know if there is something as a protected design for one of the items. So the private use won't be a problem, but be careful, if you want to sell something.

    Be careful with tools like Webwasher or similar ! Although being very useful it is possible that pictures or links disappear. So if you think you should see more at a page try to deactivate your tool.

    Not all projects lead to success. Some are only described to show a possible or not possible way !

    Something legally to the topic of links
    For all links on my page the following is valid:
    I don't have any influence on the linked sites and files. I can't take responsibility for any content on these sites.

    last update: 22.8.2007

    e-mail: bastel.stube@gmx.net