Europakarte Istrien I'm mainly interested in the wrecks in the Adriatic Sea around Istria. Not at least because this area is not far from my hometown.

My favorite is the "Baron Gautsch".

Gautsch There are several reasons for it. It was the first wreck I ever dove. It lays upright on the ground and the upper decks are so disintegrated, that much light is available up there. The wreck is large enough to see something new everytime especially when going further inside. The bad news are the depth (28-40m) and the long boat trip (from Rovinj 45-90min).


Lloyd The luxury passenger liner sailed under the flag of the Austrian Lloyd. Its name was given after baron Paul Gautsch, who comes from Carinthia and was Prime Minister and Minister of education of the K&K Monarchy from 1907 until 1908. The 80m ship was built 1908 and sailed the Adriatic Sea. In the beginning of the 1st World War 1914 it should bring back summer holiday-maker and families of military personal to Austria. With 240 passengers and 66 crew men the Baron Gautsch is on its way from Dalmatia to Triest on the 13th of august, 1914. By making a navigational error the ship gets into a minefield of the own navy. About 14:45 the explosion of a sea mine struck the ship 7 miles north of Brioni. The oil pouring out of the burst tanks caught fire and is responsible for most of the victims. Only 7min afterwards the ship sunk. 147 persons died, 159 could be rescued. The message of the disaster was suppressed because of political reasons.

More wrecks in this area:

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