A programm I really like: Aquatica (3,2MB) Aquatica Version 3 (4,3MB) Screensaver (WIN95/98/NT, Shareware). Nice moving fish and other features. Installed without problems. Homepage.

StempelMy diving stamp, brand new ! Perhaps I install a page for stamp designs if enough of you send me your designs.

Dictionary: when I translated my pages to english I had to search a lot of words special to this topic, which are difficult to find in ordinary dictionaries. So I made my small own one. If there is somebody competent both in german and english please read it and send me your corrections. Download

Good Books:

"Deep Diving" by Bret Gilliam - History of Deep Diving, Basics of Gasmixes, gear, gearhandling

in short: everything PADI doesn't like :-)

Newsletter #1 (2000-3-16)

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